b. 1986, HK.


A little bit about FINNDA . . .

FINDDA was inspired by a young couple in London. After watching family and friends purchase their first homes, or renting for the first time, they recognised a gap in the market for interior design to become more attainable and convenient for all - with no judgement on budgets, quantity of rooms or spaces to be designed. The heart of the company comes from co-founders Amy and Hewie’s vision to make interior design progressive with the times, making it more accessible and just as beautiful.

FINDDA takes all the strain and complications off your hands with distinct design packages and easy steps to go from dreaming to living.

With Amy’s extensive interior design experience and knowledge, and Hewie’s passion for business and photography, they are the perfect combination to ensure you get the most personal, hassle free and exquisite design service from FINDDA.

FINDDA is evolving rapidly so please follow the journey and share through our social media.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss what FINDDA can offer you and bring to your space.