FINDDA - Finding You The Top 10 Baubles For 2018

Top picks to make your Christmas tree instagramworthy this season 

December is here and we are creeping ever closer to the 25th, Christmas parties are in full swing and its now totally excusable to have a bottle of wine on a Monday night in preparation for a busy week ahead. Attempting to reach the high notes of Hark The Herald, styling out the dreaded Christmas jumper and remembering not to loose your shoes of modesty at the work Christmas party!

London is now home for us and the majority of our friends, however not the location we will be spending Christmas as we escape London in search of ‘home home’ - dogs by the fire and the house beautifully decorated and warm in preparation for the annual invasion of family and friends.

However we still want to mimic that ‘home home’ feel in London during the run up to Christmas as seen by the Christmas trees are being sold on every corner, there is even a man in a kilt selling trees in Battersea park! But where can we get the most beautiful baubles from?

FINDDA has been in search of affordable but beautiful Christmas tree decorations just for you… Here are our top 10 to suit every interior and bring your tree to life with a twist on the traditional and a hint of sparkle;


Robin in Snow Dome Decoration

2. Anthropology 
Friendly Face Ornament
£10.95  Artist Collaboration
3. Emma Bridgewater 
Personalised Polka Angels Tiny Mug Decoration
Regular priceFrom £13.95
£1 per letter
4. Paper chase
Beaded unicorn hanging decoration 24cm
5. Twenty Seven 
Personalised Dog Treat shatterproof bauble
Glitter bauble
7. The white company
Ribbed Glass Bauble 
8. Amara 
Set of 2 Embellished Tree Decorations - Topaz
9. Nkuku
Mango Wood Large Stars Tree Decoration - Set of 4
10. Joanna Buchanan 
Jewelled Insect Clip - Set of 3

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