Fast interior design – “More illegal timber is imported into Britain than any other European country”

 ‘Fast fashion’ hit our headlines with details that shocked and made us re-think the way we shopped and curated our wardrobes. Not thinking twice about ordering a dress on a Thursday to arrive for the weekend, as the thought of wearing the same thing twice was unquestionably drastic and unfathomable. 


Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the world’s polyester fiber, which is now the most commonly used fiber in our clothing. But it takes more than 200 years to decompose.” – Forbes

 With such damning evidence and shocking statistics regarding fast fashion we can now make more informed decisions on where we buy our clothes or how often we need too. Vintage shops are at an increase and if you have the time they are the places to go, however the idea or looking through racks of slightly smelly knitted jumpers is often unappealing. 

 Interior design is no different to the fashion industry if not worse, however this has yet to be flagged or discussed in much depth. 

Since starting my career in interior design, I became increasingly concerned about the effects of solid wood furniture and the textiles being created for us to use in upholstery or cushions. 

Often designing interiors which were never to be lived in, or for just a week a year. 

We at FINDDA always think about which suppliers we use and link ourselves with, looking at why we have chosen them and how the impact of purchasing would affect the world. 

Often the beauty of trends is returning to a once popular year of design, therefore meaning we have the furniture pieces already in circulation. Why do we need to make cheap impersonations to break and go out of fashion once again?

 Cheap furniture is cheap for a reason, often using wood which has been illegally taken from national parks, or not within any logging concessions. This is having hugely concerning effects on the forests and wildlife within them, especially in large parts of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.  

The UK plays a large role in creating the demand for global environmental crime. A shocking statistic shows that ‘more illegal timber is imported into Britain than any other European country’ The guardian (furniture illegal ethical consumer guide)

What can we do to reduce and stop this? We are working with a range of amazing artisans, craftsmen and vintage platforms to create room decks for clients to buy into. From bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms and accessory packs. Creating a canvas for clients to buy into a curated and sustainable interior without having to troll through hours of different websites of shops or choose the easy cheap and destructive option.

 Each room package is carefully designed and curated by our inhouse interior design team, working out the perfect combinations and constantly updating one off pieces from new designers to ensure every interior is unique and varied.  

Packages coming soon and we can not wait to unveil our beautiful designs and collaborations!

Amy and Hewie xx

Amy GoodmanFINDD