• Amy Goodman

What home means during quarantine

Whilst the summer season starts to transpire and the heat on our skin again feels so new, the sense of summer freedom and excitement rushes through us. The seasons seem to change so infrequently yet years seems to rush in a slight blur. We realise the true value of a home and how we live in each space through the ever-changing weeks and months that make up the year. More so now than ever we understand what makes our home, what we love, the little imperfections that are either filling us with joy or frustration for change. For many, quarantine at ‘home’ meant somewhere safe - for us and many friends, the first thought was a parents home, a comfort blanket of security and creature comforts, a hiding ground to feel no responsibility again. Zoom calls with old school photos in the background and battling with the idea of running a business, feeling grown-up and yet sleeping every night in your childhood bedroom. The conflicting emotions of when and if we can go back to what we called normal yet seems so un-normal now to be hugging, meeting or even making plans. The thought of return to normal is terrifying - if we go back can we return once again to this safety blanket of home? Or if we break it and start back are we crashing down the security of what we have made home in our own dwellings, bringing danger and uncertainty back in.

The feeling of home has sparked many emotions of how we relate relationships to people, to space, and interiors. The same missing and longing for a house as we do with a person, a home that's been sold and the memories and smells linked to that space set in a chapter of life. A capsule of happiness and family, or growing up which a home can capture in one postcard. For me it's my grandparent's house, thinking back to earliest memories this house held family together and saw many an argument I am sure, but most of all pure and simple family happiness, laughter and silliness that no other walls can hold. A group of people being completely natural surrounded by trust and sense of home, watching generations come and fade through the door.

What makes this is not the most expensive furniture or highly polished surfaces but a sense of purpose for each object linking together to create a canvas to step back and watch the family grow within, setting us free to create a home we call home.

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